L. Eftaxias weekend house

Elefsina, 1939-40

Aris Konstantinidis (1913-1993)

The country house of politician L. Eftaxias was one of the first applications of the architectural world theory of the radical Aris Konstantinidis. This small structure stands in the Attic landscape as though it had always been there, for it harmonises the modern spirit of its time with the ethos of the Aegean Sea tradition in an exemplary fashion.
This weekend home was built on a sloping lot with a fine view of the sea. It consists of two simple cubes supplemented by semi-outdoor spaces and a pergola. The ground plan is organised freely and includes a large single space on two levels, in which are three divans that are also used as beds, a bathroom and kitchen.
The façades are treated in a spare and robust manner. The only materials used are the white plaster on the walls and the visible stone masonry used in landscaping the surrounding area. The total expresses the equilibrium of a poetic disposition and strict rationalism.
The same spirit prevails in the surrounding area, where the paving, graded levels, the roofed areas, etc. are created with the elementary means appropriate to the environment. Thus, landscape and architect converge in one building.
The human scale, the simplicity of form and the organic relationship with nature give this cottage a timeless value.