The Karapanos apartment building

7 Patr. Ioakeim and Irodotou Sts, 1935-37

Georges Goldberg
Supervising architect who amended the design
Prokopios Vassiliadis (1912-1977)

The middle class apartments of D. Karapanos are among the rare authentic expressions of the French Modern Movement in interwar Athens. The design was drawn up by the French architect George Goldberg and was amended by P. Vassiliadis, who also supervised the project.
The apartment building consists of a ground floor and five upper floors, the last of which is set in. It contains two apartments on each floor, one with four rooms the other with six, and shops on the ground floor.
The two façades were treated in the spirit of interwar French modernism; their most characteristic features were the bays, the circular and corner windows, and the continuous balconies that also curve at the corner. The total is characterised by plasticity in the synthesis of the volumes and harmony in the relations between solids and voids.