Refugee apartment blocks

Alexandras Ave, Athens, 1933-1935

Kimon Laskaris (1905-1979)
Dimitrios Kyriakos (1881-1971)

The refugee housing on Alexandras Ave is a typical application of the principles of the Central European Modern Movement. These blocks were built as part of the 1930s programme to provide housing in Athens for the refugees from Asia Minor.
The complex consists of eight oblong buildings with a ground floor and two upper floors. Each building is divided into four or five units with a central staircase and two pairs of apartments per floor. The standardised apartments include one or two bedrooms, a kitchen and bathroom. The complex has a total of 228 apartments.
The buildings are of structural plastered stone masonry and slabs of reinforced concrete.
The spare volumes of the buildings are positioned in rows parallel to Alexandras Ave. The stylistic code of the Bauhaus was applied to their simple, standardised façades.