Kalamaras Villa

12 Pesmazoglou St, Kifissia, 1893-1900

Ernst Ziller (1837-1923)

This building is a characteristic work by Saxon architect Ernst Ziller, one of the protagonists of Athenian architecture in the last quarter of the 19th century. This is a country villa in Kifissia, where the upper middle class cooled off in summer.
The two-storey Kalamaras villa has its living and dining rooms and ancillary spaces on the ground floor and its bedrooms on the upper floor.
The volume of the building is plain with harmonic proportions. The long porch on the façade with its triple arched opening becomes a balcony on the upper floor.
The synthesis of the façades is symmetrical and their style is restrained picturesque. Characteristic features are the visible stone masonry, the simple door and window frames, the hipped tile roof with its projecting cornice and pergola. The result is a composition with neo-Renaissance balance and harmony which, in conjunction with its picturesqueness, fits in with the pine-clad landscape and the Mediterranean climate of Kifissia.