Mansion of Othon Stathatos

31 Vas Sofias & Irodotou Sts, 1887

Ernst Ziller (1837-1923)

This eclecticist mansion is part of Ziller’s significant architectural legacy. It was built by Othon Stathatos, who lived in it up to 1938. It was then used for years as an embassy and today constitutes the new wing of the Museum of Cycladic Art.
On plan, it consists of two wings that come together in an acute angle, creating at the point of contact interesting polygonal and curved areas that end in a glass greenhouse at the back of the house. The raised ground floor housed the reception areas, and on the second floor were the bedrooms, with the service areas in the basement.
The façades are notable for their harmonious proportions and Italian Renaissance style, adapted to the eclecticist spirit of the age. They are divided into the base with stone masonry on the semi-basement, the trunk which is the raised ground floor and upper floor, and the crown of the cornice and parapet. The openings on the façades have small marble balconies that are adorned by arches on the ground floor and pediments on the upper one.
The building is characterised by a bold plasticity in the configuration of volumes. The most impressive feature is the entranceway, which is positioned on a diagonal axis. It consists of an oval porch with arched openings that becomes a balcony on the upper floor. The diagonal axis is also emphasised on the upper floor by means of a small projecting tower topped with statues.
There is an interesting contrast with the auxiliary structure behind the main building, which is in a picturesque, romantic style with decorative woodwork.