The Logothetopoulos apartment building
Today Ministry of Culture office building

Zaimi, Bouboulinas & 22-6 Kountouriotou Sts, Athens, 1930-32

Kyprianos Biris (1907-1990)

Behind the Archaeological Museum in the centre of Athens is the modern Logothetopoulos building, one of the early applications of the new rationalist handling of the middle-class population’s housing problem. It is a work by architect and NTUA professor Kyprianos Biris that was recently bought and remodelled by the Ministry of Culture to house its main offices.
The building originally contained 40 apartments distributed over a ground floor, four upper floors and a penthouse. Vertical circulation was served by four staircases. On the ground floor there are two lateral arcades that divide the building into three parts. Access to the entrances of the different parts of the building is through the arcades.
On plan, the building is articulated in a typical and rational way. Its volume is a plain rectangular cube. The simplicity, the symmetrical arrangement of the openings and the two vertical columns of bay windows are the main characteristics of the façades.